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The Stage V compliant, 10.3 PS D722-E4-BH-4 Kubota E-TVCS engine at the heart of the U10-5 is designed to maximise power, minimise fuel consumption and emissions to deliver all the power you need to take a wide range of onsite tasks.

● The U10-5 is powered by Kubota’s impressive D722-E4-BH-4 10.3 PS E-TVCS engine. The unique Kubota Three Vortex Combustion System reduces exhaust emission, noise and vibration.
● The Stage V compliant engine meets all current engine emission regulations.
● Parts that require routine maintenance and inspection such as the air cleaner, water separator, fuel filter, alternator and starter motor are easy to access. Simply lift the operator’s seat.


The U10-5’s hydraulic servo control system means smoother operation, improved feel, and increased digging productivity.

● Hydraulic servo controls for smoother operation and improved feel, for increased digging productivity
● For increased protection, service port pipes are inside the boom.
● Service ports are conveniently located at the end of the boom.
● The boom cylinder is located on top of the boom for added protection.
● Two piece hose design makes replacement of dozer cylinder supply hose simple
● Auxiliary third line return


An adjustable track and zero-tail swing provide versatile access and safe productive working in restricted spaces.
● With easy, single-lever operation, the U10-5’s hydraulically adjustable track gauge reduces in seconds—down to 750 mm— to enable navigation in narrow spaces.
● You can widen the track gauge to 990mm with a single lever operation - to provide a 7% increase in stability, even while operating with hydraulic breakers.
● With the simple removal of one pin, the quick-fold dozer blade adjusts in size instantly.
● Designed for safe, productive operation in restricted spaces or roadside locations featuring Kubota’s zero-tail swing.


Powerful engine and two-speed travel for easier, smoother movement between working locations on site.

● Improved digging arm circuit to increase the crowd speed, eliminate cavitation, and significantly improve control for fine grading.
● Digging depth up to 1.8m with a maximum reach of 3.3m

● Use the two-speed travel pedal to switch between high and low speeds.
● To make sure you can get to the job efficiently, three-point lifting enables a crane to lift the U10-5 for transport, easily and safely.


Ergonomic operator’s area designed for easy use, all-round vision and comfort.

● Walk through access to the ergonomically designed, large operator’s area.
● New side lever layout for increased legroom and visibility, offering optimal comfort for the operator.
● The two-speed travel pedal lets you easily switch between high and low speed
● Toolbox and instruction manuals stored in easy-to-reach locations.


The U10-5 comes with a host of features as standard, from a seat belt alarm to a range of safety locks for enhanced operational features.

● For additional protection and versatility, a foldable rollover protective structure (ROPS) comes as standard allowing you to easily transport on lorries, travel under doorways and work indoors.
● Enhanced operational safety with unload lock and hydraulic lock preventing operation of the front attachment, dozer, swivelling or travelling when the machine is in locked position.

● Kubota’s Engine Safety Start prevents U10-5 from moving when the operator is not at the controls.
● New LED boom light as standard for safer, extended working
● High visibility orange seat belt with seat belt alarm
● Green beacon ready
● A battery isolator that helps to protect the entire electrical system from electrical faults.

● Kubota’s industry-leading anti-theft system is standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start up. Attempting to start with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm.

Machine Weight/ Operating Weight (kg)
1125 / 1200 kg
Power (kW/PS)
7.6/10.3 kW/PS
Max Speed (km/h) low/high
2.0/4.0 km/h
Max Dig Depth (mm)
1800 mm
Max Reach (mm)
3330 mm
Max Digging force Arm/Bucket (kN)
5.4/10.4 kN
Aux Flow
21 l/min @ 175 kgf/cm2 kgf/cm2
Overall width (mm)
750 to 990 mm
Overall height (mm)
2260 mm
Transport length (mm)
2980 mm


U10-5 launch video

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